Valerie Glahn

Valerie is a more recent transplant to the Central Coast, moving to Arroyo Grande after retiring in 2013. However, she did grow up in Atascadero and after high school moved from the area for college.

Valerie is a retired nurse that spent her professional career in education, first teaching nursing at the community college level and then was director of the Nursing Division. During her professional career she became involved with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as a participant and then as a mentor with an emphasis on fundraising. This groundwork in volunteering is what lead her to the Pismo Butterfly Grove, where she has volunteered for two years.

As a strong advocate for preserving our natural resources the CCSPA is a perfect fit in her life and complements her interests. The Central Coast provides such a beautiful area for all to enjoy and thrive in and our State Parks are an integral part of what makes the area so desirable. The beauty, the hiking, the wildlife and the natural friendships that evolve from those things enhance her joy in life.